Why I exercised my right to vote


This year I had a different relationship with voter registration. It was a chore that needed to be completed. And only I could do it.

It felt something like when your body says, “you need a bathroom”, you can argue about how frequent and tiring the bathroom visits have been, ignore the urge, but eventually you’ll have to run. It’s nature. It leaves you with no choice.

In the previous years, I had attached lavish and rational reasons, thought about candidates’ vision and the political parties harbouring those imaginations. But this year I did it as a responsible citizen, I did it because it was what I had to do, a natural process in a democratic country. I did it because I have a responsibility, a role in what happens with this country. Because just as with the natural calls to the bathroom, my going to vote or not, won’t stop elections, they’ll happen regardless.

Yes, even I decide to ignore nature’s calls, whatever is knocking will come nevertheless. It will come while I am still seated on my sofa or when I’m already walking towards the bathroom. It will happen. And I would not have the confidence to claim responsibility for anything because I would have failed. I would have been a spectator to the urgings of my body.

Registering for elections, which is the only route to voting, can only be done by bodies, constituents of a country going to the polls. Do they have to have reasons for and emotionally attached to the process? Ideally, yes. But in a normal, everyday life, a lot of what we do, we do because it has to be done.

2 thoughts on “Why I exercised my right to vote

  1. Great article. I agree with your thoughts here. I believe that it is very important to vote, every vote counts and we are each responsible for ensuring that we vote in order to put the right candidates in office


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