I found love, or did I?

I allowed myself the sweetness of being wowed, of being held and guided to unfamiliar spaces. I allowed myself the luxury to go without asking.

I learnt to trust at first instance…

I let my emotions free, wild, allowing them to experience
new feelings – permitting them to stretch and dare without questions. To float in and with the waters.

My heart slithered with the oil, feet gliding along, indifferent to the possibilities of stumbling and falling.

Eyes closed, I danced the length and breadth of the distance. I ran, crawled and rolled over – dancing to the music in my head, solo,to myself, to the world, to the winds and its hisses.
I danced to new melodies, performed for imaginary audiences.

I plan holding tight to you, Love. I hope you don’t slide through my
fingers. Please stay – with me.

But I don’t trust my heart to contain this delicate and
fragile feelings, these sacred moments.

I have hope,  though, that  this new love, wants to hang around, forever. That it is pleased to occupy my sensitive being; thrilled to intensify my heartbeat. With a rather rickety assurance, I watch, hoping, it enjoys instilling new energies, raising my hopes, exciting my spirit.

My heart wants me to believe we were both looking, that you needed a heart and I desired a tenant, an occupier – and as such we are both here, to stay, together. That we will, ward off destructions and nature what connected us, the first time.

But how do I keep this going? How do I maintain the momentum?I forget you are LOVE. You occupy hearts, in their kinds.

Please use experience and stay with me…forever.

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