A doting parent, now and tomorrow.

Society is a doting parent – but she often seems overwhelmed by contradictory feelings towards a child she raises.

It would seem she, consciously or not, has to oscillate between skepticism and reverence – and this is arguably, consistent from when the child is born, though their marriage, to their death. The child she, often, would have longed for, craved for and even hoped for,  then becomes the child who makes the parent and child co-exist, somewhat comfortable and questionable.

The comfort, though is, this ambivalent relations, is not the preserve for any particular group or persons. It thus helps to not take the potentially demeaning utterances or reluctant acceptances, as specific to you. You just happen to be the actor at that moment.

The script is the same.

Thus celebrate with the doting parent, sing the songs you hear her sing and look to the future gleefully. Remembering often that you have a responsibility to define yourself and live accordingly; that to spend life complaining about the speculations, conversations and misconceptions uttered against you, is to absolve responsibility. If there isn’t much to give to the society, at least celebrate that they birthed you and raised you…


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