Pilikwe people are deep: the meaning in my name

I was born Oesi Morehi Sebusang in Pilikwe. In fact Ntate says it should be Oesimorehi. That is what he called me. But the people who were sent to register me for standard one agreed with the teachers that Oesimorehi was too long – and would be tough for a standard one to write. Ah, these guys underestimated me!

So they chopped my name and kept quiet, no confessions to Ntate on their return. The truth was only revealed at the end of the term when Ntate opened my school report. Uhu!

But why did you call me Oesimorehi? I would ask years later.
“You see, you only have one brother. Your mother and I had one girl after another. So then I thought, the power behind giving us children must be one – and that power was giving us the same sex. Oesi means ‘one’ and Morehi is ‘provider’. Thus we only have one provider”.
That’s how deep Ntate is.

No. I’m not an only child. My name is deeper than all the other Oesi(s) you know – and I’m not an only girl. It is my brother, Sebusang Enele Sebusang who is one – and the name has nothing to do with his being the sole brother among 6 girls. It’s much deeper than that.

Pilikwe people are deep