This body, our story…

On this day, I remember mothers.

Our bodies are permanent reminders that we are co-creators with God. What an honour.

I throw back to our times of carrying a life in our bodies, a growing life that stretched and tore apart muscles and skins. Leaving in its wake, for some, broken skins and ripped apart muscles.

Throw back with me, mothers, to the fragile emotions, and sweet tenderness that grew in our hearts, as the life we carried tested the elasticity of our structures. It needed to be comfortable you know, to come out intact.

I throw back to the intensity of labour pains, to the actual delivery, at times after hours of agonising pain.

I throw back to the tears of relieve and of joy as we held the life that would forever alter our outlook. The life that makes us see every child. That makes us much more aware and even concerned about what goes on around us.

Let’s throw back and agree that we aren’t able to look away from a suffering child.

In pain we bore you children, we love you with our lives. Anything that touches you touches the apple of our eyes.

I salute you mothers. Our bodies tell stories of resilient and of overwhelming peace.

oesi and thobo

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