Temper tantrum, this face

I think facial skin has a temper.

Otherwise what explains its, sometimes, violent reaction to new products. Coming with pimples blazing and unrepentant patches of dry skin scattered recklessly on the once, seemingly, obedient face.

And I think some parts of the body, like the stomach, very ably take advantage of this temper tantrum tendencies.

Eat anything the stomach believes unacceptable. If it does seek to leave immediately, using the opposite route, it fights through the face; sweat, itches and all the ugliness it fancies.

Or maybe the facial skin has ADD. Maybe it needs psychiatric attention!

5 thoughts on “Temper tantrum, this face

  1. You couldn’t have been more right. In fact those you know facial reaction well usually can tell which part of your body is ailing just from the facial break out. Sometimes when you have PPs, you’ll get acne as well, when your body has a lot of toxins and needs to be flushed out it is the face that will alert you. When when you just stressed it’s the face that gets the strain.

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  2. You said it well, those who are engaged into physical exercise you tell it by the glowing of their face. As you have already mentioned, diet play major role. You can either add more toxin to your body or flush toxin out by what we drink or eat. It is said that “we are what we eat” I have come across a document similar to this but emphasis much on “how can you tell that your body toxic” I will post it tomorrow for more information about what you have discussed. Thank you my sister for an insight!

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