A friendly stranger saves the day.

Thursday morning 4th May 2017, I’m almost running late for a conference at Avani Hotel, about 15km away.

Just after the traffic circle, towards Mowana Park, my car wouldn’t go past 20km/hour. Oops! My presentations are third and fourth in the agenda.


What did I press? Mind block.

Why on earth do cars need all these 1001 buttons for? Of course for sucking out as much money as they can from the buyer.


I press the hazards, look for the nearest stop and switch off the engine.

I need a miracle.

My heart is in Avani. How I’m I going to explain missing the slot.

I drive a few meters. It still won’t move any further. Yes I sure pressed or moved one of these useless buttons and levers. But which one? Huuu!

Petrol attendants deal with all kind of cars. I console myself as I make a U-turn to the nearest station. Parked just by the entrance, is a similar car, the owner is sitting inside, windows up.

I wave to attracts his attention? He doesn’t look interested at all. But there is no time. Eish, I’m really sorry. You could see the reluctance in the way he wound down the window.

“Good morning sir, I’m really sorry for disturbing you. But I’m in desperate need of your help. My car doesn’t drive beyond 20km/hr. Would you please help”.

A reassuring smile. Tension eases a bit.

But my mind locks immediately he tries to explain what the problem or solution could be.

I won”t remember a thing. In my mind I’m begging, ‘please come and demonstrate’.

Desperation. I am sure they are calling my name at Avani, how am I going to face the patrons.

The kind man gets into my car and I wait behind his.

“Can I take a drive around, just to check”

I see my car flying past, towards Mowana Park.

“Hmm. What did I just do?”

Only now do I call my husband. And as we conclude our conversation, my car arrives. And my helper explains what I needed to have done, just as my husband just did.

And he has a strong Afrikaans accent. A tall and strong built Afrikaaner man.

Good people do exist. We exchanged waves and smiles as I drive past, my mind at Avani.

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