My journey to ‘I do’: Part 2

We met at ‘The Nest’ in Francistown. No, I think before ‘The Nest’ we had lunch somewhere in town. He has waited at the bus rank – and the Land Cruiser, it would seem, had been cleaned for the occasion.

“The discussions we had before you left for the States…”

In my 4 hours bus drive earlier, I had tried to figure out how the conversation was going to start. We were “just good friends” just five weeks ago. ‘A man doesn’t call you from more than 400kms away so he could reiterate his “just good friends” position’, I thought. There had to have been some development in my absence.

“But how is he going to reintroduce the subject”, possibilities flooded my mind in that north bound bus that day.

“I am sorry for how I handled our discussion. My response…”

I had in the week leading to this meeting decided I wasn’t going to show any emotion. I didn’t want him to make any conclusion. In fact I wanted him to think I had moved on. Five weeks is a long time you know.

16 thoughts on “My journey to ‘I do’: Part 2

    1. Thank you. I haven’t really thought book. I’m currently just putting my thoughts down, kind of memoirs.
      Did you read the longer version I posted around 13th FEBRUARY?


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