What’s been happening: my time with vets and their fury friends

adorable-animal-blur-406014It was a long break. A lot happened. I went on tummy shrinking ‘boot camp’. Not in a strict sense. I committed to a lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness.

I am happy the tummy listened. The  upper bulge which had different sized protruding ball shaped domes, is gone.  I’m now working hard on my lower abdomen. I had expected it to be easier. Thankfully this was its last Christmas.

2017 I am building muscle.

I also started a feature article on the relationship between Veterinary Doctors and the animals they treat. I approached it from the assumption that Vets elevate animals to the levels of human being or they downgrade humans to where animals are. I am not yet sure of what I mean or where I’ll end with it or even the direction it will adopt.

At the moment I’m reading prohibitively thick scientific books. I have observed  a Vet at work and have had a rare, almost sacred opportunity to watch the doctor remove a cancerous lump from a dog’s breast.

I  was a participant observer; an  emotional participant at that. The dog was under  heavy anesthetics, so it was almost motionless. Sad sight, sad for the dog on the table, sad because of all the memories that overwhelmed me, sad that breast cancer doesn’t differentiate between human and dog.

When did I last do my mammogram? I caught myself thinking

The ‘veterinary doctor and their animals’ is a project I take seriously,  a commissioned project, in a way. I am only sad it is not moving as fast as I had hoped. But it will be a good story.

My fitness journey is an interesting one. The observers remind me in many ways that I should shift focus to other parts of my body. Some are bold enough to tell me why they think so. I must admit though that I am never as  concerned about anything else as I am about the tummy. Not strange, right?

I have met people, for example,  who obsess about shoes and careless about clothes. The first thing they see when you meet is your shoes. Some spent too much time on their hair styles and everything hair and ignore the face – and would probably check your hair before they greet. I tend to see the tummy first.

But I have taken note. I cannot swallow the tummy and allow other members of the body to stay in the old. Fortunately, when done well,  exercises should be able to address my concern and everything else in between. For now I am a happy African woman.

What am I on about?  That I have not written as often as I had hoped.

The body is an obedient structure.  I can testify. It responds to what we do. The journey is on. The benefits are innumerable.



2 thoughts on “What’s been happening: my time with vets and their fury friends

  1. I have been following your work out lifestyle and you’ve been consistent. You right that people obsess about different things. But we also like giving unsolicited advice 😂😂😂😂😂.

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